Sept. 2017 So far, Amber activities are in line with the objectives defined for the 1st half of 2017. In particular, tangible progress were made in the development of IB2 technology (on the Intellectual Property part, industrial pilot campaign preparation and possible partnerships review). Feb. 2017 2017 objectives focus on continuity with current partners and developing cooperation in China. An extension of the scope of services is also planned. Lastly, this year an important step will be taken in the development of the IB2™ Technology. The year 2016 confirmed the focus on 3 key areas: China, Africa and Europe.

  •  China main activities were about the process Low Grade bauxites. Strong growth in the alumina production requires economical solutions to use the resources of provinces such as Henan and Shanxi. Bauxites Imports can only be a partial option because of the quality and the cost of these bauxites. Technical assistance services were also provided
  •  In Africa, AMBER cooperated with junior mining companies in Guinea and Madagascar.
  • In Europe, services were focused on Technical Assistance to refineries as well as to corporate support.

20172   2017年的工作目标是继续与现有合作伙伴合作同时在中国继续发展业务合作并计划扩展服务范围。最终,今年将是IB2™术发展的重要年份。    2016年主要集中在三个地区开展业务中国非洲和欧洲   在中国的主要业务活动是处理低品质铝土矿的工艺。氧化铝生产的大力发展需经济的解决方案将河南和山西省的资源利用起来。铝土矿进口仅仅是一个局部选择,取决于进口铝土矿的质量和成本。我们同时提供技术协助服务。   在非洲,AMBER公司与几内亚和马达加斯加的采矿公司合作。