The Team

The specialists of AMBER DEVELOPMENT represent a significant and practical experience in several fields and held several positions in the Industry such as some examples: Red Side surintendant, White Side surintendant, Maintenance manager, Mine General Manager, Operation General Manager,…. Process Senior Engineer, Project Director, Plant General Manager, Senior Consultant, Chief Operating Officer, Technology General Manager, Business Development Director, Managing Director… This experience was used in various Projects and Operations such as M&A, Major Projects, Operations and Technical Assistance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Synergy evaluation and implementation, integration for a major Acquisition
  • Due diligence organization and execution, synergy evaluation for several acquisition projects in China, Europe and America.

Major Projects

  • India: concept, prefeasibility, training, commissioning, technical assistance
  • Ukraine: training and start-up,
  • China: concept, training, start-up, technical assistance, market study,
  • Venezuela: concept, commissioning, start-up, technical assistance,PFS for expansion,
  • Guinea: concept, prefeasibility study,
  • Madagascar: concept, technical assistance.

Operation and Technical Assistance

The members of the Network have a strong experience in managing or assisting an outstanding group of refineries including

  • Bauxilum (Venezuela)
  • QAL (Australia)
  • Fria and CBG (Guinea)
  • Kayman , Pingguo  and Chiping (China)
  • Nalco and Muri (India)
  • Aughinish , Nikolaiev, Aluminium of Greece and Gardanne ( Europe)
  • Vaudreuil (Canada)
  • ……