The Team

The specialists of AMBER DEVELOPMENT occupied key positions within the most recognized companies in Bauxite and Alumina Industry and in key bauxite and alumina areas (China, Guinea, Venezuela, India, Europe, Australia…)

They have a large expertise and a unique network of this Industry, and this practical experience is used in various Projects and Operations such as M&A, Major Projects, Operations and Technical Assistance.

Their real-world experience in the Alumina Production (whole Bayer process and Specialty alumina) and in a wide range of bauxites allow them to provide tailored deliverables.

Yves Occello – Founder and President

Amber’s experience worldwide


AMBER DEVELOPMENT公司的专家在铝土矿和氧化铝行业的世界知名公司担任过关键职位,工作过的区域包括中国、几内亚、委内瑞拉、印度、欧洲、澳大利亚等。



Yves Occello – 创始人和总裁